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Supplier Entrance
FNDii help you easily solve the order demand in the machinery industry.
Complete Information
FNDii is open for all suppliers but will check every supplier’s info in order to match the suitable buyers. So pls fill in info truthfully.
FNDii Audit
Show integrity image by FNDii’s on-site audit certification, getting more attention and potential market opportunity.
Match Project
Offer brings one order with chance of 51 percent. And FNDii will greatly increase the order’s conversion rate and bring more business chance, saving your valuable time.
Order Tracking
You manage the quality and delivery and FNDii also track your production status, not only follow our service but also provide the help when need.
© 2015 FNDii【沪ICP备15030051号】
© 2015 FNDii【沪ICP备15030051号】