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On-Site Audit
FNDii audit the supplier on site always adhering to the concept of "fairness" and "fairness. In addition to ensuring the authenticity, FNDii is better at checking whether the factory is normative to meet the buyer’s requirement from a professional perspective, which guides the direction of business development for the suppliers.
*. Customize the solution of business development from a professional perspective;
*. Help the two parties to build trust quickly as a role of integrity recognized by the Third Party.
Business Development
FNDii prefer to reach a win-win situation, achieving your goal and bring interests with our persistent efforts. However, FNDii reject any false inquiry and only make 100% efforts for the accurate real project.
*. Accurately match the appropriate projects according to the audit report.
*. Directionally recommend the buyers in accordance to development strategies.
Lean factory
FNDii is willing to learn and good at finding and summarizing. Whether it is the small technical factory or the supplier who has already embarked on the development track, FNDii will patiently share the management experience, and strictly supervise the implementation.
*.Customize Improvement Solution of Production Management in accordance with industry demand
*. Customize ERP Solution
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© 2015 FNDii【沪ICP备15030051号】