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Nowadays, more and more companies authorize their procurement service to the Third Party to optimize the supply chain management. Company chooses the reliable and professional Third Party for outsourcing with a view to reducing the cost and lowering the risk, using the limited resources to focus on their core business by reducing the procurement personnel cost and fixed asset investment and enhance the company’s response capabilities. Actually, procurement service is similar to personnel and financial outsourcing but just in different field.
FNDii is specialized in offering professional procurement outsourcing service to the buyers. FNDii acts as the buyer’s on-site office in China to solve product quality or delivery problems as front-line force. FNDii helps to develop effective production practices with manufacturer and then audits factory capabilities, quality systems, labor practices and environment compliance with local laws NDA. FNDii provides all logistic arrangement shipping goods to the buyer in a quick, cost-effective and efficient manner. FNDii negotiates all pricing with suppliers and then provides one reasonable price, which means FNDii won’t intervene to any business between the buyers and the suppliers. In short, FNDii has the experience and ability to create a seamless interface with manufacturers in China with trouble-free problems to help the buyers optimize the procurement process.
“Now the Professional Third Party Service has been the trends in different fields. FNDii’s services will shorten the gap of the suppliers and buyers in the manufacturing field, which greatly improve the efficiency of cooperation between the two parties. And we are now constantly expanding our supplier resources after strictly audit, providing more professional advices for different customers in the different industries." the founder told.
FNDii's services can be extended to the entire process of the supply chain, working closely with customers in all links to seek customized service to ensure its high quality. FNDii provides the following customized services to our customer base.
Parts Sourcing
Project Planning & Management
Develop Suppliers
Negotiate Price
Technical Support
Quality Control
Production Management
Supply Chain Development & Management
Logistics Management
Sample Collection
Loading Supervision
Parts Inspection
Factory Qualification Assessment
Procurement Outsourcing Service
Newbie Guide
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